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Start My Own Business Ideas

This information is valuable for any type of internet business, and any type of person. It will be valuable to you!

Your customers on the Internet won't care if you are a one eyed, one horned, flying purple Ummpa Lummpa if you help them get what they want. Find out what your clients want, and how to help them make the decision to acquire what is best for them, and you will be a success.

Now, can you blow me a few sweet notes on that one horn?

If you already have a business and:

  • want to expand it to the internet,
  • are already a netrepreneur and want to optimize your efforts,
  • want a real work at home business,




Consider how easy it is to start an internet company today. Think about how inexpensive it is to start an internet company today. Think of all the regulation and red tape you avoid with an internet business as opposed to a brick and mortar operation. If you are a bit intimidated by the process, go read some books, go to Bastiat Free University, or study the material here. Study and act to make or increase your knowledge and success.

It is your business, you want to be in charge!

Starting your own business will not make you rich overnight. I recall a story told by the great motivational speaker and writer named Zig Ziglar. To paraphrase: an older lady came to Zig and said she wanted to get a college degree. Her problem was it would take 4 years, and in 4 years she would be 75 years old. Zig put it in perspective, "How old will you be in 4 years if you don't get the degree?"

To apply that to your new business plan to go public in 5 years; How old will you be in 5 years if you don't attempt to create wealth? You may find in the meantime that you are able to create enough income to leave your current job, or move to a new home, or whatever your dream is.

A friend of mine that owns a top quality restaurant told me, "Opening a new restaurant is the easiest way in the world to either make or lose a million dollars." This from a guy who knows his business in and out, he was raised in his grandfather's hotel in Europe, and had attended the best training in hospitality the world has to offer.

By comparison, starting your own internet company may be a good way to lose a bit of money and time, or make a steady income, or longer term create a great deal of wealth. As an added plus, moving your business to a better place for you to live is just as easy as plugging in a new computer when you get there. You can't do that with a restaurant.

Would you like to know the best approach I've found so far? Here are a few free reports that will give you the current edge needed to compete successfully. We will start with:

The Service Sellers Masters Course.

The SSMC course focuses on helping you succeed. It leads you, step by tasty digestible step, through a progressive process. This course will take you:

  • from developing a Site Concept
  • to brainstorming hundreds of profitable related keywords
  • to building a themed site that establishes credibility and inspires trust
  • to generating motivated, targeted traffic that wants to contact you
  • to nurturing ongoing relationships through a high-value e-zine.

A comprehensive e-business course.


Allan Wallace, the Rector of BFU says:

"At Bastiat Free University we have distance learning classes available to instruct you in e-commerce. We have frequently found however that a free, commercially provided presentation like this one, provides more up to the minute help for the person that wants to accomplish something now. An excellent business education can be achieved by starting a business, then studying hard to keep it going and growing. Start your business now. If you need a more formal class structure to motivate yourself, or want a degree, visit the BFU College of Entrepreneurship. At Bastiat Free University we help visionaries rediscover the pleasure of self directed learning."


Do you want to start or build your business now? Investigate:

The Service Sellers Masters Course.


An amazing part of this report? It's free!

Actually, the "price" is only the second most amazing part. The best thing about the SSMC is the clear, high-quality, day-by-day content that lays out a business optimization strategy that works.

Click here to download the zipped pdf The Service Sellers Masters Course e-book.       508KB - Windows and MacOs


Click here to just read The Service Sellers Masters Course e-book. This will be slower to load, and harder to share with friends and associates.

If you are about to download the zipped file (""). Save it to your desktop. After you have downloaded, unzip it.

* Windows users download the free, open source ezip35

* Mac users may need the Stuffit Expander (v5.5 or greater) -- free trial

This will unzip a folder called "Service Sellers Masters Course" on your desktop (if you do not change the default location). The folder contains two files....

1) ReadMeFirst.txt
Please do read this file first -- it will get you to a flying start!

2) ServiceSellersMastersCourse.pdf
The Service Sellers Masters Course will lead you step by step through an effective easy-to-understand site-building and client-expansion process.

The Service Sellers Masters Course shows anyone (from newbie to those already enjoying success) how to attract potential clients and convert them into paying customers! It also shows you how to build secondary income by representing other merchant's products through affiliate programs. Why not make all your traffic count?

This course gives you everything you need. Nothing is held back. All the information needed to start or grow your service business is included in one single course. Actually it's the best "how-to" course I've found. But it does raise a question:

Why would, the creators of this course, give it away?

SiteSell is hoping that you'll buy one of their truly excellent products, from the inexpensive power e-book Make Your Site Sell, to their premier product, the ultra effective Site Build It! (SBI!). You do not have to buy anything of course, but they will give you several opportunities. (Aside from delivering the course, SiteSell will never contact you about this program!)

All the information you need to execute a powerful, successful strategy is contained in The SSMC. I was very pleased with the great ideas and the detailed process, laid out in an organized and do-able manner.

And while I do endorse SBI! as a powerful system for building any profitable business online, you may well find that this free course is all you need. SBI! simply delivers the tools to make it easier and faster to get the job done.

Let's change gears. It's amazing how under-represented services are in e-commerce. For your service business that's a good thing.


Because the SSMC is about to give you a valuable edge on your less creative competition! This course will help you build a theme based site that targets and attracts potential new clients. Yours will become a content site that firmly establishes your credibility, and inspires trust.

Leverage your income-building potential. Take the course today.

Click here to download The Service Sellers Masters Course e-book.



self directed learning for visionaries

BFUniv college learning title

Find the wealth of centuries, comprised of knowledge, at your fingertips.




If you look at just one affiliate program, make this one it!

This is the most professional, fair, and well run program I've found. Yes, Amazon is a bit easier to use, but Amazon does not structure their small pay outs to deliver multi-level residual incomes. Sitesell treats you as a partner, you can earn a good income, and also get substantial commissions, annually! Sitesell uses more than just cookies to trace your referrals, so they won't fall through the cracks. The Sitesell 5 Pillar Program has garnered "top affiliate program" praise from around the net., a leading affiliate marketing resource on the Web, said this is "The Perfect Revenue Sharing Program".

Sitesell's goal appears to be, give you more than you ever expected. No matter what kind of web based business you run, or want to run, there is free information here that can help you. If you want to make money, they can help you with that too. There is no cost to join their affiliate program, and it may benefit you greatly.

With discussions going on about internet taxes and government regulation, your chance to join the internet revolution easily and inexpensively may be passing. You want to be well on your way to success when the bureaucrats start putting hurdles in front of new netrepreneurs. If you have not yet started a net business, do it now. If you already have a net business, there are many ways to profit from an association with Sitesell; and perhaps a few of their excellent products may be of assistance as well.


If you still have questions, contact their helpful support team.



Explore A Prepackaged Cash Flow Business -- with no start up costs


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