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books and stories to aid in understanding English as a second language (ESL) from BFU



Many of the no-cost items from Bastiat Free University are useful to advanced ESL students. Some items are even useful to students just starting to learn English as their second language.

If you are now studying in the USA, Canada, or the UK - or you plan to study in the US or other english speaking country, this information should help. Just following the weekly postings to the BFU college blog should be instructional.

As you search thru BFU it will help to have a good dictionary and an encyclopedia handy. A translation tool from English to your primary language will almost certainly be required.

Bastiat Free University was established to assist small businessmen find information and training. BFU has grown to include education in other disciplines. Study ESL in Canada, in the US, in England, China, Poland -- or anywhere in the world using materials found for no cost at BFU.

Here is just some of the alphabet soup spilled on students of English as a foreign language; ESL, EFL, ESOL, ELL, LEP, TOEFL, TESOL. I have seen all sorts of divisions for the levels of English skills, far too many in fact. We will go back to calling it beginning English, intermediate English, and advanced English.

Do not just view or read the introduction pages to BFU. You will find more information is available after you register. You can register for no-cost, and monitor the college courses at no-cost. There are several articles included in course material, once again for free. All classes may also be monitored for free, you only pay if you wish to work for a diploma.

We plan to set up a list of online, ESL beginning resources that fit into our colleges; Business, Human Interaction, Liberty, Theology. If there is already a good source we will just link to it. There are no plans for a full directory yet, just something helpful to ESL students. Note the webrings at the bottom of the page, these rings should bring you to many sites with good ESL / EFL materials.

There are books listed that will help you learn new and wonderful things, even while you learn English. You are not required to use our links to buy books, get them where you can save money, or borrow them.

We are busy working on Bastiat Free University right now, BFU is not yet complete. We will Part of becoming complete will be some English as a foreign language courses.

Our goal with this page is to provide a list of books and free material that will help prepare you for learning in an English speaking school. Visit Bastiat Free University today and find some other materials that will help you.


What is seen and what is not seen

The Incredible Bread Machine

The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?

The Law by C. F. Bastiat

Free Audio Book Downloads


Another great resource is: Activities For ESL / EFL Students.

For another EFL view check out - they are a directory and resource site for Canadian ESL programs.

These are all reasonable for intermediate to advanced English as a second language students. If you understand them, you can succeed at almost any course at BFU. Soon I will post some books, articles, or links for the beginning English as a second language student.

To stay up to date on Bastiat Free University, visit the BFU school blog and BFU lens and bookmark the page.




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