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Open letter to the Treasury


I have emailed the following to the treasury.



Treasury folk,

A quick note on a subject of interest to all of us.

We all have an interest in maintaining an environment where freedom is encouraged.

There are several tenets of freedom currently at risk of being undermined; among these are privacy, travel without restriction,, freedom of association, free trade, and of interest here, financial mobility.

Any tax is at least an annoyance. While many enjoy benefits derived from other's income; almost all hope their children will be able to enjoy a greater success than themselves. The ability to achieve this end is tied to the ability to save, to invest, and to create new ventures.

We know there are greedy regimes in the world that will confiscate everything their top producers create; destroying creative initiative. If all governments are encouraged to be equal, then all must squeeze creativity out of their people with the same greedy press.

Here in America we need to make a stand for the world, and ourselves, and our children.

The lower taxes on startup business, the lower taxes on those rare top producing entrepreneurs, the more likely we will all reap benefits in higher employment and across the board increases in income. Britain's recovery under Margaret Thatcher was at least partially due to her removing hurdles from in front of the successful, hence stopping the United Kingdom's highly publicized "brain drain."

High taxes and regulation force the best businessmen trapped in totalitarian states to emigrate, by whatever means, toward freedom. Their desire to achieve their personal success potential rewards everyone with their increased contributions. The United States represents the pinnacle of personal freedom, and will be the final destination for many of these doers, if we maintain that freedom.

Tax competition, like wage competition for top employees, pulls the best to those who desire growth. As despotic cultures lose their greatest visionaries to those who reward development of dreams; they will seek to re-align their priorities to greater freedom, so as to retain their best. Greater world wide freedom may thus be associated with our financial freedom.

Freedom to succeed or fail while attempting to create something new and better, this is a basic component of capitalism, and of liberty.

Low taxes encourage entry into free markets with fresh ideas. High taxes create barriers to business entry, and decrease the benefits we all receive from economic growth. A small and start-up business is the seed for the American future. These businesses also need to be encouraged on a world wide basis. We all profit with each new addition to the markets.

"By virtue of exchange, one man's prosperity is beneficial to all others." - Bastiat

Finance is not a zero sum game. Each piece of growth adds to the worlds store of wealth, and drives improvements in life style for everyone. This increase in prosperity effects you, your children, and your grand children.

America needs to resist the siren song of those that drain the life blood of initiative from their countrymen. As C. F. Bastiat pointed out in his famous broken window essay, "What is seen and what is not seen," an action needs to be viewed considering long term consequences. We need to encourage all nations to free their people for commercial exploits, to everyone's gain.

Ireland is a great example of the benefits of tax competition. By lowering their taxes and encouraging business, in a very short time they have moved from an old world feudalistic agricultural society to one with a very high per capita income. In America we have benefited from Ireland's success in many ways as well, a raising tide of economic freedom lifts all boats.

An accessible right to succeed or fail needs to be one of the United States positions on greater world freedom. As a country formed on the precept that government derives it's authority from the people, we need to exhibit that relationship, by our government supporting the people.

We need to lead a drive for maintaining tax competition between countries.


Americans, Vote For Change!

Protest and make you vote count.

Vote for any third party.


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America is at risk, from enemies without and well meaning bureaucrats within. We are at risk of attack, and at risk of surrendering our liberty while defending our lives. We do not want to make the sacrifices of the millions who have already suffered moot; we do not want to make the sacrifices of those who are currently defending us of no effect.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

America is in so many ways similar to Rome when it expanded into empire, Rome then decayed from the center. For over two hundred years America has been a place where you could travel unrestricted visiting whomever you wished, you could anticipate keeping the fruits of your labor, you could keep your personal life private, and you defended others rights to the same. As a nation living in fear we are destroying our heritage for a weak promise of occasional, partial safety. As a nation without a strong voice for freedom we are headed to bankruptcy in everything but internal and external police powers.

Our leader's rally cry is democracy. Democracy is not the same as freedom, and does not ensure liberty. Consider the freedom of choice when three lions and a zebra vote on what they will have for dinner. The loss on that vote is quite serious for the zebra. Small business, the creator of jobs and prosperity, is the minority zebra.

Our Society is at a crossroads. We continue to sacrifice for ideals we no longer retain. Your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are all at risk to a government that feels citizens were created to support it's desires. We are no longer a country where the government's powers are derived from the citizens. A nation of, by, and for the people is vanishing into slavery to a huge bureaucracy that would regulate and rule every aspect our lives.

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