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Bastiat Free University

self directed learning for visionaries

Sorry folks, BFU is now only available without charge.
While your links are welcome, we realize you are not in business to offer free services.

affiliate program

(we also plan an affiliate program for Bastiat Free University through Clickbank.)

BFU is planning an affiliate program; but we have to get the university going strongly first. The business plan anticipates the one time registration fee for those seeking a diploma will be split with the referring associates, currently US$150.00, with the associate getting $60.00, if you develop a second tier you will receive $15.00 on each of their referred enrollments. Since we are just starting, we have no numbers to generate projections and a pro forma would be ridiculous. Even the $150.00 figure and our 50/50 split are conjecture at this point. We of course would love to have your relevant links now. Send us an email.

To ease the wait, we will provide access to residual affiliations that may be quite profitable for you. These affiliation links are on one of our partner charity sites. Most of the affiliations will provide two tier income; if you sign up from our link you lose nothing and charity gets a referral over ride.

Come to BFU to learn; or to join an affiliate program with us for profit. Shucks, it's to your benefit to do both.

Please bookmark this site and come back to check out our program as it develops. It will be worth your while to enroll in BFU also, review some of the classes and see what inspires you. The learning is free, only those who desire a degree will pay, and that diploma will be inexpensive. We exist for the many who value learning above credentials.

The Bastiat Free University opening day was June 29, 2005.





Policy states that anyone closely associated with Junior Partner Ministries Church or its integrated auxiliaries; Silent Partner, the various partner charities, and BFU operations will not receive any special consideration or benefits. There are no dividends or any form of profit pass through to associates.

Privacy is a basic tenet of freedom; we will not share your information with anyone unless requested by you.

bfu@silentpc.     org     (remove space from address to use)