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BFU - self directed learning for entrepreneurial success

Bastiat Free University

College Of Entrepreneurship

A college for innovators, visionaries, and entrepreneurs

"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things." -- Leonardo da Vinci


Pre-business entrepreneurial training is a short term tool to accelerate your potential. The most basic definition of an entrepreneur is someone that solves problems for profit. At a step beyond this simple definition we encounter solution oriented social entrepreneurs and managers of people, ideas, and activities. At BFU your desire to learn and your intellectual curiosity can impel your development within their ranks; but only once you add decisiveness and action into the mix.


"In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists." - Eric Hoffer


Self directed learning can serve as a catalyst for achieving your entrepreneur success. A successful online entrepreneur has as much to gain as an aspiring teen entrepreneur starting a brick and mortar business. With no-charge registration available at Bastiat Free University even micro-finance (micro-venture capital teams) may one day assist micro entrepreneurs in benefiting from the courses.


The College Of Entrepreneurship courses are also appropriate for social entrepreneurs and innovators desiring to use creative and effective entrepreneurial tools to effect social change.In fact Bastiat Free University may itself be an example of social entrepreneurship. Use the entrepreneur's college to enable your cooperative self interest.

BFU wants to provide you with the knowledge and training necessary to evaluate risks, innovate a solution, and then pursue your own business success.

Sorry folks, BFU is now only available without charge.
That means we no longer offer degrees or certificates.
study these open materials for free and enjoy them

Watch the BFU Journal and the BFU lens for further announcements

An international business student may well be aware that entrepreneur training is of great value even in large organizations. Many may not have realized that entrepreneur success in their own international business is a distinct possibility. Consider starting an inexpensive and simple online business today - then keep learning as it grows or fails.

Anyone from the young entrepreneur to a savvy old marketer can become more successful by expanding their horizons with relevant entrepreneur training. Consider combining courses from this BFU School of Entrepreneurship and the BFU School of Human Interaction for a synergistic social entrepreneurial approach.

You are in charge of your education and your life - take the courses that you feel have the most value for you. We have even started to develop some off syllabus courses for those eager to learn useful knowledge quickly.

Like all BFU courses you can register for entrepreneur training courses and monitor them for free.  You may also want to add the course work and a very low fee to earn 3 units each toward a business degree.

You can have the benefit of a business degree college and of an entrepreneurial education - right here at BFU.


Develop deeper understanding by studying successful people.

Investigate our Master's Courses including an interview with Ross Rayburn, a successful small businessman and the creator of course B501, Start Your Business Right!

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A four article series on the attributes of the Netcohort and their netcohort society - combine these with action


review your online entrepreneur college course list


As a substitute for the standard MBA college degree

Consider starting a simple business first, and then seeking knowledge

on how to make your business prosper and grow.


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The Fine Print

We do not intend to use course material from the ADU experiment at this time. If you have an interest in computer science it may be profitable to visit their site; as an example here is an excellent text used by MIT in one of the ADU classes. You can buy the entire "one-year, intensive post-baccalaureate program in Computer Science based on the undergraduate course of study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)." on 17 data DVDs for only $75.00, an excellent investment if knowledge of computer science is your goal. Some of the text books are the standard, over priced, variety. Bear in mind also that computer science and computers are two very different things (perhaps check out project based learning instead). If you do wish to take the ADU program as a basis for a degree at BFU, send us an email. If you do the work required, and if MIT continues to cooperate, we can be flexible.


The Bastiat Free University curriculum is aimed at making you successful. Some of the entrepreneur program coursework will be information provided by businesses that hope to get you as a client by providing free educational material. We will work to develop noncommercial sources, but if the best and most current information is available from a business; we will seek only honest and straightforward relationships. BFU or associated organizations will profit from some of the referrals generated. For instance we will receive an approximate 5% kickback on the cost of books you purchase from Amazon using our links. We need your feed back, let us know how the programs work for you.



"Man is born a proprietor, because he is born with wants whose satisfaction is necessary to life, and with organs and faculties whose exercise is indispensable to the satisfaction of these wants. Faculties are only an extension of the person; and property is nothing but an extension of the faculties. To separate a man from his faculties is to cause him to die; to separate a man from the product of his faculties is likewise to cause him to die" - Bastiat



Contact link at the Bastiat Free University lens.