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Bastiat Free University - self directed learning for visionaries & entrepreneurs


Master's courses at BFU

"What you are will show in what you do."
Thomas A. Edison


Our master's courses feature curriculum designed by successful people. We have been taught to listen to advice given by those that have never accomplished anything worthwhile. Our teachers were self styled experts, politicians, professors, and executives in large organizations.

Instead we should seek out people who are themselves independently successful if our goal is to be personally successful. Take them out to dinner, attend their seminars, read their books, attend their graduate level courses at Bastiat Free University.

Unlike professional students which become professors at brick and mortar colleges, these luminaries do not require you to read books they have written. Instead, these masters of their discipline select books they value, books that have helped shape their own success.

Here is your chance to follow in the foot steps of great achievers. Experience what has helped shape those that both think and do great and meaningful tasks.

Remember that BFU is a free university - there in nothing preventing you from investigating and entering these courses. Tailor your education to fit yourself. Your personal success will profit everyone.


in alphabetical order:


Doug Casey: Read this short introduction to Doug and see how much can be squeezed into a life. Now take the course and start putting more into your life. Visit and view the amazing versatility of this man.


Richard Daughty: This accomplished financier, disguised as the Great Magumbo Guru, has created a delightfully simple and true economics course for those that don't want to be economists.


Ross Rayburn: An interview with a very successful small businessman. You can feel his determination in this interview. You will get some fine tips for your start-up business also.


Jim Rogers: Adventure Capitalist, Investment Biker, Hot Commodities His books, his adventures, and his very successful investment career make him an exceptional man with a powerful story to tell.


Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Take a tour of his web site, work to understand a complex man that works to understand complexities; and then explains them in ways we all can appropriate.


Allan R. Wallace: An unconventional biography of the anything but conventional Rector of Junior Partner Ministries and Bastiat Free University. Read the Rector's opinion page for his editorial slant.


Dottie Walters: "Success is not a doorway, it's a staircase." Dottie was a serial entrepreneur with many successful ventures. An accomplished communicator, she exceled at helping others succeed. Dottie has now passed on, but she will be remembered by the tens of thousands of lives that she has impacted in a positive way.


We will be adding more courses as we find more thinkers and achievers that are willing to share their passions, or as they find us.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience what these people are willing to share with you. Go look over the course material, even if you do not complete the entire syllabus, there is still much you will gain. Register for free, look around, read some pages; your only investment, time, will render high returns. Take their Master's courses if you wish to further leverage your time.


The motto of the Bastiat Free University Master's Program is:


Discover - Learn - Act

Succeed for yourself.


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Sorry folks, BFU is now only available without charge.
That means we no longer offer degrees or certificates.
study these open materials for free and enjoy them

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Discover - Learn - Act at BFU

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