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Bastiat Free University Degree Programs

Seek an education beyond the sheep skin


Before you investigate getting a college degree, think a bit about why you want that diploma and what it will do,

for you.


Why do you want a degree? The first honest answer to "why get a degree?" is most frequently not about education or learning. Having a university diploma and declaring at which brick and mortar campus it was acquired, influences how some people will view you.


Bastiat Free University's Internet based campus will not please a bureaucrat; they want expensive vine covered historic buildings and lots of rules. Is it worth 4 to 10 years of your life at a b&m, and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs and foregone earnings, to change their view? Sometimes it is.


If your goal is to be a full partner in Dad's top law firm; it may be worth the years of your time, and the oodles of his money you spend to be considered for a no pay internship. If all you want is to be a practicing lawyer, your state may not even require a degree to sit for the Bar. The option exists therefore to thoroughly read a lot of law books, take Bar prep courses, and become a state licensed attorney. You can start earning, rather than spending, many years sooner. What is the difference worth to you for deferred gratification? Investigate and cogitate first.


"You wasted $150,000 on an education you coulda got for a buck fifty in late charges at the public library." - (from the movie Good Will Hunting)


Your employer or prospective employer may require a "sheep skin" to get hired or "earn" a promotion above a certain level. Are they looking for specific knowledge? Very seldom. They want proof that you will complete something you start, no matter how difficult or absurd the requirements. That qualifies you to be a cog in their machine.


If you want to feed at the public trough, you probably need an approved & accredited degree to get a government job. You will have some job security and a numb brain, but that is all many want out of life. Go to a state university, veg out and party, and get their sheepskin. The degree itself is what matters, all you need to have learned is bureaucracy survival skills (they teach that at State U) to slide into a bureaucratic cubical. Will you enjoy this job? Very seldom. The risk is small, the life style rewards are consistent with the risk.


"The risk and rewards for you from creative entrepreneurship are greater, and of far more value to society, than the illusion of security that enslaves a human cog in a social machine." - Allan Wallace


Sorry folks, BFU is now only available without charge.
That means we no longer offer degrees or certificates.
study these open materials for free and enjoy them

Watch the BFU Journal and the BFU lens for further announcements



A college degree will lend impact to a marketing statement or a business card. With your own business are prospective clients interested in which required courses you excelled? Very seldom. A college degree listed is a simple sorting mechanism used by some purchasers to arrive at a smaller stack of suppliers. It may put you on the short list to pitch your idea. A degree from BFU confers the right diploma for this purpose. If you are motivated you can learn more and get that diploma quicker and at an appropriate cost, from BFU.


We do not have the financial support, "qualified" faculty, fancy buildings or large library that a state approval or accreditation would require. This means that many employers, schools or licensing agencies may not recognize our degrees. We do feel that our course requirements are sufficiently rigorous that our students will know they have acquired the knowledge they sought.


A B&M college sheepskin will make your relatives proud, and they will remind you of old data suggesting that in the industrial age a degree was a meal ticket and provided job security. If you land that job as a cog, they will retain that proud feeling; unless you are downsized, outsized, exportsized, or your company is capsized. Do your parents know you spent most of your university experience at parties? Very seldom. The degree is the goal, not what may have been learned.


We could go on. Maybe we should go on. You may be considering investing several years of your life, hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses and deferred earnings, to pursue what is becoming an oversupplied commodity. In the Netcohort society that is slowly replacing the industrial society - personal attributes will be the measure rather than security of position achieved by possession of a college diploma. Personal networks, achievement, and acquired knowledge moves with you when you leave.


Everything at BFU is up front, no surprises. You can review the requirements before you start the class.


If it is not for credit, pick and choose material at will, monitor the classes for free. Download the free PDF files and read them first if you wish. Check out reviews of the books online, purchase them from our links, or borrow them from a library.


If the class is for credit, pay the fees listed below and start today. You choose if you want to take the class, no classes are required, all are openly available. We value education, learning, imagination, and usefull knowledge above specific credential creation.


If you want a business education; start a business.


Learn and absorb everything you can to make that business a success. If that business fails, research a bit and find another business to create. You will learn far more, far faster, than in a normal B school. There is no security in being a cog, don't let other's expectations make you one.

Invest in Yourself.


If, and only if, you have chosen to work toward a degree and a diploma will there be charges for administration and review of your education's progress.

Sorry folks, BFU is now only available without charge.
That means we no longer offer degrees or certificates.

Watch the BFU Journal and the BFU lens for further announcements


The application and entrance fee is US$150.00. This is a non refundable, one time payment to establish your educational account. There are no further required fees, such as semester fees, student association fees, out of state fees, or other charges to enter BFU. We plan to increase the basic fee, but do not plan to add other fees. If you sign up now, you will not have to pay again when this fee increases.

We do reserve the right to change the fee structure if the costs to BFU prove out of line with our expenses.

If you want to make donations beyond the charges, we will be happy to apply any gifts to maintaining, promoting, and improving the Bastiat Free University approach to alternative higher education.

BFU offers cost appropriate learning tailored to fit the individual. Your per unit expense for administration and review is $15.00. Currently all classes except the master's completion course are 3 units. Each standard class will therefore cost $45.00.


If you already have college credits, send BFU a transcript and we will evaluate transferring in those units.

Enroll in the classes you want, this is your education, make choices that benefit you. You now have over 100 college courses to chose from.


Each distant learning class will consist of at least 3 reading assignments, comprised of books and free downloadable PDF files or links to pertinent information. The Master's courses will be more difficult. The time you spend will be similar to a brick and mortar school, the extra reading may even exceed B&M class time. Use the forums to find local BFU students to discuss the classes, or form your own local club; "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." Proverbs 12: 17


How do we do it so cheap?


Sign up for classes.



In the end, it's extra effort that separates a winner from second place. But winning takes a lot more that that, too. It starts with complete command of the fundamentals. Then it takes desire, determination, discipline, and self-sacrifice. And finally, it takes a great deal of love, fairness and respect for your fellow man. Put all these together, and even if you don't win, how can you lose? - Jesse Owens

"Win for yourself, the attributes required for your victory benefit all." - Allan Wallace


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Policy states that anyone closely associated with Junior Partner Ministries Church or its integrated auxiliaries; Silent Partner, the various partner charities, and Bastiat Free University operations will not receive any special consideration or benefits. There are no dividends or any form of profit pass through to associates.



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