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    • H102 - Alternative economics A

      Tired of the same old platitudes from economists? The Governors of the American Federal Reserve, a non government group by the way, were asked which of a list of attributes was most important to be a good F.R. Governor. At the bottom of the list; honesty. Do you want to know what might actually work? Read these PDF files about De Soto and by Casey and Bastiat. Read also Hernando De Soto's fine book, ?The Mystery of Capital,? on destroying poverty in much of the third world. Create a multiple choice question at the end of each PDF and chapter of the book that demonstrates what you have learned. At the end of the course there will be a final exam.

    • H201 - Alternative Economics B

      The third world will not be improved by trying to act like the first world. It is kind of like a new business trying to succeed by acting like Microsoft or Walmart.

    • H110 - Austria versus Chicago on econ.

      Both schools are free market, both agree on many points, but both think the other is wrong. Get a clear read on what is important.

    • H106 - early American political thought, A1

      We debate what Americas founding fathers intended. What did they read that influenced them? Consider these insights from the first American revolution.

    • H107 - early American political thought, A2

      The stuff of revolution

    • H303 - Energy - Resources and Demand

      Energy conservation and exploitation are human things.

      Here are two well written and researched books that burn up the subject with both new and old fuel.

      Energy: The Master Resource

      The Bottomless Well

      You may not agree with them, but you will have to think, and then review the facts you use.

    • H203 - Financial Euphoria

      Great insight into our cliff edge walking world.

    • H500 - Five Unit Master's Degree Completion Course

      This will be the Final Course for those on the Master's degree track.

      The 500 level completion courses are part of a masters degree program we are not now offering. They are meant to be the final course, with special assignments, community activities, a written theses, and other projects as agreed to by the student. These will be different for every student - and will be started when all other course work is done.

      A master's degree is started after a bachelor's degree is earned.

      To start considering such work - in what discipline are you most focused? Perhaps consider a project where the majority of your classes indicate your interest. You would submit your plans and ideas - we would then work with you to develop a custom curriculum.

      We do not currently have the resources to oversee your progress, so this course will remain locked for now.

    • H103B - Future waves

      We will use Robert Prechter's book "Conquer the Crash" with a few available at our store at only $9.99 each. Read also "Prelude to Foundation," the core of the prescient sci-fi series by futurist Isaac Asimov.

      The parallels are quite interesting.

    • H105 - Group think

      Compare and contrast two good works, one a great and usefull classic, the other a new twist on the old logic.

    • H304 - Improving Education

      Something is very wrong with modern education.

      Wrong from K through Dr.

      Consider repairs, - or a whole new system.

      This is why BFU exists.

    • H302 - Markets and governments collide

      Two aspects of the same condition.

      The first book deals with free markets and how they fail, or don't.

      The second book is a popular look at what happens when governments manage markets, and the ditstortions created. It is also a well timed warning on what may happen next, or not.

    • H301 - mechanical evolution as intelligent design

      In Are We Spiritual Machines? Ray Kurzweil argues that we will exceed science fiction, and be cyborgs within a century. He runs into other wild projections by techies that hold other views.

      Thought provoking, develop your own view of his personal reality. Or read science fiction, which Kurzweil says is not aggressive enough about how quickly we will change.

      Also here are two other methods of futurist deduction.

      An Elliot Wave tutorial, for a mechanical and mathmatical approach to the future.

      And The Sovereign Individual for a historical view with an interestung twist.

    • H103A - Past Waves

      We will use the free Elliott Wave tutorial as a basis for wave study. Also included are two books, "The Great Wave," and the basis for the tutorial "The Eliott Wave Principle."

    • H109 - Perceptive Reality

      Intellectual balderdash attacked head on.

    • H205 - Poetry and expression

      A ticket to the human soul. Learn to read and write poetry, one of the 5 renaissance skills. You need to understand yourself, and will understand others better for the knowledge.

      If you think this is silly, you really need this course.

    • H104 - Sociology

      "Love and Economics: by Jennifer Roback Morse HERBERT SPENCER, THE STUDY OF SOCIOLOGY (1873) These two books, and your hard work.
      As A Man Thinketh is not required

    • H204 - Socionomics

      Our first course in Human Interaction will feature Socionomics, a two volume set, as a first read. Also read the free PDF download The Law by the esteemed philosopher, statesman, and thinker: Bastiat. There is no charge to get started other than the very reasonable cost of the books, go ahead and start now.

    • H401 - Start a Blog

      Not just start a blog, but do the basics to have a successful platform.

      A blog will not just give you a chance to vent, it will help your web site grow when you start an online business.

      The HTML page will contain some of the ideas needed for success, but you will discover more.

    • H202 - The stage is set

      The Memoirs of Felix Somary, turn of the last century, roaring 20s through WW II. Politics, finance, and the debates that shaped today's world.

    • H101 - The Trivium; logic, structure, and rhetoric

      The liberal arts you were never taught; Classic, enjoyable, instructive.

      If you plan to write or discuss anything, start here.

    • H108 - Thought

      Explore through historical accounts realities and new modalities.