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    • L201 - Art reflects life

      Art is being atacked for what it might represent. Artists take us back to reality. A reflection in art of the struggle for liberty. Those opposed do not attack wth logic, but with error.

    • L110 - Freedom from politics

      There is a lot of talk about the best size for a government. Make up your own mind on how much government is required. This is the other side of all those ideas that you have heard all your life. It is your life, decide for yourself.

      "If you are interested in ideas or, indeed, in life itself, this book (The Market for Liberty) has the potential to more than just shock you. It has the power to change the way you view the world, to change your ideas, and then, perhaps, to change the world itself." --from the introduction by Doug Casey

    • L205 - Leaders of the ALF

      Leaders of the American Liberation Front A traitor to his country, consulting with and giving comfort to the enemy, and an "unlawful combatant Freedom Fighter."

      Ben Franklin and Lafayette helped rebels secure liberation from Ben's homeland. Their insurgency created a loose collection of 13 free states.

      "Those that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

      With a small force Lafayette initiated a guerilla war operation to harass and stop the large regular army that sought to seize rebel weapons. Lafayette's secessionist militia activities forced the government backed troops into a city where they were eventually defeated.

      Make no mistake, we would not call the founding fathers terrorists, although recent laws would. We draw the distinction in that they did not attack civilian life, and only rarely private property (Boston tea party). Their war was mainly against Fat George and his parliament. The soldiers they fought, conventionally and from ambush, were the aggressive representatives of unwelcome authority.

      "Each of us has a natural right, from God, to defend his person, his liberty, and his property." - C. F. Bastiat

      Of course Ben and Lafayette did much more than rebel. Study them and learn how wisdom and action combine for accomplishment.

    • L106 A - Liberate education

      Our schools, K-Phd, are relics of the industrial age. They create graduates well trained to be obediant factory workers, and happy middle managers.

      It is time for a change. Private or home schools will do much better then public, unless there can be some healthy compitition created.

      Teach 'em yourself.

      Then send them to BFUniv.

    • L106 B - Liberate education, and win!

      More on public education, then a great look at what you can do for kids regardless of the environment.

      Rothbard's arguments in this short text apply to all levels of learning.

      Develop a positive solution based on knowledge.

    • L101 - Liberty and the Law

      We will start with the classic Bastiat illumination called The Law. This will set the stage for a classic of freedom literature, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. At the end of The Law, create 3 multiple choice questions, and your proposed answer. At the end of each chapter in Atlas Shrugged create one multiple choice question. To complete the course you will create a two page PDF with your opinions, and pass the final exam.

    • L105 - Liberty as literature

      Fictional books to read that will draw you into the meaning of liberty. Sometimes liberty is best defined by its absence.

    • L202 - Limited Government

      principles of an intellectual revolution returning us once more to individual freedoms. Central planning has failed so many times, but there are still many that would love to make our life decisions for us.

      Here are the basics of freedom, with some nice stories to tie the basics together.

    • L107 - Open Society and Its Enemies

      Two volumes of exhaustive history on totalitarian thought from ancient Greece to Marx. Karl Popper is a wonderfully adept analyst on several levels.

    • L103 - Personal Well-Being

      Harry Browne and Zig Ziggler give your life some balance, and open doors you didn't know existed.

    • L303 - Privacy, a Basic Tenet of Liberty (B)

      Privacy is being destroyed, and with it the protection of your freedoms that it protected.

      Discover what has been lost, and what is planned to yet be stolen.

      Find out how to protect your freedom by protecting your privacy. (You may want to pick up a couple of the Stainless Steel Rat novels by Harry Harrison for the fun of it)

      Find ways to retain a bit of your right to privacy.

    • L108 - Privacy, a basic tenet of Liberty (A)

      Privacy is being destroyed around the world. there are legal methods of protecting yourself. As a huge computer file is built about you, and shared world wide, you become a potential target. Your information is not just becoming available to thieves and hackers, but co-operating and warring governments will harass and steal from any country's citizens. It appears, wherever you live, that your government is more interested in having the power to control you than it is in protecting you. Learn how to protect yourself.

    • L109 - Separating School & State

      Public schools failed in the industrial age, they are even less appropriate for the information age. People are not parts to be forced into a machine. The cogs produced are obsolete for the emerging network society.

      Here are the arguments for private learning, as opposed to public indoctrination.

      "A vision of what a fully privatized educational system might look like--and in what ways it would solve many, if not most, of the problems that parents, students, and even a sizable number of professional educators see as the fundamental shortcomings of the present system."

    • L102 - Sovereign Individualism

      We will start our exploration of Liberty with a modern vision of the potential to acquire freedom. The viewpoint presented in The Sovereign Individual is forward looking, but based on history. This is a good read and a solid foundation to start exploring freedom technologies. We will add one of my favorite essays by Bastiat, What is Seen and What is Not Seen.

    • L401 - Start a Blog

      Not just start a blog, but do the basics to have a successful platform.

      A blog will not just give you a chance to vent, it will help your web site grow when you start an online business.

      The HTML page will contain some of the ideas needed for success, but you will discover more.

    • L301 - Tax Revolt

      Taxes keep stealing the hard earned income of producers. Here are a couple of books on successful resistance to government theft.

      The USA was founded by tax rebels, and they are the hope for its future.

    • L203 - The Capitalist Danger

      The greatest dangers to capitalism are internally created. The wealth capitalism creates for all empowers an educational elite that does not support the roots of their freedoms. The second danger is what is addressed here; capitalists that are successful have no self interest in keeping the playing field level.

      Monopolies and government regulations to "reduce risk" and limit free markets can choke the benefits of open markets.

    • L104 - The construction of Liberty

      Two books;
      1984, just in case you don't know how bad it can get, and has gotten.
      The classic "Sic Itur Ad Astraby" by Andrew J. Galambos. He develops the idea that politics is not the avenue to freedom, liberty must be built. A must read.

    • L302 - Vote Any Third Party

      As American citizens you must protest, make your vote count.

      I have heard it said America has two parties, the stupid party and the evil party. I have talked to activists from both the left and the right, and all have laughingly agreed. They all thought they were in the stupid party and the other party was evil. I think they were right!

      Find how to make a change.

    • L204 - write effectively, Ayn Rand

      Rand's informal presentations of fiction and non-fiction construction