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    • H503 - Becoming A Visionary - created by Allan Wallace

      The world has changed. This course is about looking beyond todays challenges – and considering how our actions will effect our futures.

      You will look forward on the path thereby allowing you to choose a new route if it seems warranted. There will be errors introduced by this visionary exercise, but errors will exist regardless.

      Looking honestly at the current world and contemplating possible scenarios will help you develop your visionary prowess. The speed with which you learn to adapt will determine your future success – and perhaps your survival.

      Read the books - consider the implications - chart your own future.

    • E504 - Finding Entrepreneurial Success, created by Dottie Walters

      Dottie is no longer with us, but the legacy she created in the hearts and minds of those she helped endures. In this course Dottie Walters shared information that helped shape her success as an entrepreneur in multiple ventures.

      She was an exceptional motivator that instructed on how to communicate effectively. Dottie Walters also helped others learn how to succeed through public speaking. In fact the respect and success Dottie achieved was due to her helping so many achieve the success they desired. If you want to break barriers and excel as Dottie did; study these books that she said helped her.

      1. The Power of Positive Thinking  by  Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
      2. We Got Fired! by Harvey Mackay
      3. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
      4. The Autobiography of Amelia Earhart
      5. Everything by Albert Einstein
      6. The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

      Get Dottie's book, Speak and Grow Rich, even if you don't take her class.

      You will be glad you did.

    • E503 - Foundations of Investment Excellence, created by Jim Rogers

      Jim is one of the very best. This is a great opportunity to review what has made an impact on his winning investment style.

      His books, his adventures, and his very successful investment career make him an exceptional man with a powerful story to tell.

      Find out the influences that helped shape such a wonderful achiever.

      Check out just one of his adventure - investment books, Adventure Capitalist.

    • H502 - Simple But True Economics, created by Richard Daughty

      "Human Action by Mises, Hyperinflation in France by White, and What Have They Done To Our Money? by Rothbard would be a good start. The huge advantage of Austrian economics is that it is not only true, but easily understood, as there are so few maxims, no interlocking, mysterious mechanisms and no math. So almost any book in that Austrian vein would probably work just fine!" - Richard Daughty

      That and a couple of the delightful rants by The Great Magumbo Guru (TGMG) and you have the ability to understand economics.

      Happily you will not become an economist, so others will still be able to understand you. With this course you will learn to understand what has happened and what is likely to happen economically.

      That will put you ahead of 98% of economists.

    • E501 - Start your business right! created by Ross Rayburn

      A business is built one satisfied customer at a time. Learn from Ross Rayburn, a very successful salesman, trainer, and sales manager, what will make you successful. Learn to sell yourself first, discover the clients needs second, and finally complete the win-win sale.
      Ross starts with a classic self help book that created the motivational genre; "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Another oldie and goodie is a free download of "As a Man Thinketh." There is a book by Henry Ford, and finally there is a paradigm shifting book on asset and wealth creation, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad."

    • L501 - The Foundations of a Free Society, created by Doug Casey

      This course includes 3 authors and their books selected by Doug Casey:

      Hazlet: for a solid economics introduction

      Tannehill: for a description and explanation of how a free society would work

      Rand: for a good philosophical underpinning

      With these books Casey has displayed a substructure for liberty. He adds some personal insights that will help you in understanding; liberty for all starts with personal freedom.

    • H501 - Thoughtful influences, created by Dr. Nassim Taleb

      Nassim Nicholas Taleb has written a great book on thinking. He has displayed thought errors to which we all fall prey. The very readable Fooled by Randomness develops insights that create understanding. This course is a presentation of influences that Dr. Taleb has listed as guiding his philosophical journey. He has also provided us with a preview draft PDF that is a wonderful learning experience in itself.

      We recommended that you take T106 prior to this course.