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Bastiat Free University


Pubblicato il : 2009-05-06 04:36:37 - Bastiat Free University is continuing to grow. Let's take a look at what the next decade may bring.
Pubblicato il : 2008-11-06 07:06:34 - The Netcohort Institute has come out to play,
in an alpha test sort of way.

Go take a look at the initial layout, and then give us some ideas on improvement. Your thoughts are important in the shaping of peer to peer education.
Pubblicato il : 2008-01-09 18:53:34 - A change of direction for Bastiat Free University.

We have decided to temporarily drop any charges for accessing Bastiat Free University for any purpose. This will not effect current students, but for new students it means there will no longer be a degree track and no certificates will be offered. To understand the reasoning consider the sequence our thoughts followed.
Pubblicato il : 2007-07-27 13:51:36 -

The BFU story is a scaled personal story.

Pubblicato il : 2007-01-26 03:15:51 - BFU will be changing just as our world is changing.  Let's take a look at both.
Pubblicato il : 2006-10-04 10:56:24 - The Bastiat Free University Learning Achievement Certificate will represent a commitment on your part to continue acquiring knowledge and understanding within a chosen discipline.
Pubblicato il : 2006-07-30 03:10:43 - The movie Accepted will be coming out August 18, 2006.
Pubblicato il : 2006-07-02 01:06:43 - Any pretense of covering our errors and weaknesses under a "beta" label are now past.
Pubblicato il : 2006-05-21 14:45:19 - The pieces are coming together, Servers - Docebo - PHP all seem to be meshing fine.  Its time to start learning.
Pubblicato il : 2005-10-07 15:19:05 - there are now 5 master's courses.
Pubblicato il : 2005-06-29 14:38:08 - Bastiat and BFU celebrate this day together.
Pubblicato il : 2005-04-24 19:07:42 - Many thanks go out to the fine open source innovators at Docebo. We are still learning about your fine teaching tool.
Pubblicato il : 2005-04-24 18:51:42 - Bastiat Free University is up, running and ready for the Grand opening on June 29; the 204th anniversery of Bastiat's birth.