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Bastiat Free University


Bastiat Free University, Quarterly Review
Published on : 2009-05-06 04:36:37
Students and Supporters (not mutually exclusive).


As anticipated the world is entering a long winter. This is good news because eventually spring will arrive. Bastiat Free University was conceived with a view to being planted before winter, and quickly breaking through this season's icy crust as the growing season arrives.

We may still have years to wait.

Hidden from the growing storms, BFU is spreading roots and seeking nourishment, harboring it for the efforts that will be required.

But as activity at your university continues, I hear from others around the world. They are starting efforts similar to BFuniv - the concept that self-directed learning can be more valuable than chasing a certificate will grow as the world changes. College degrees as a requirement can and will be replaced.  Creative and independent producers can not be replaced; there will always be a need for more like you.

A recent seminar I attended lead to a statement about how zero sum, win-lose reasoning is a thing of the past. - take a look at the benefits of leaving tribal emotions behind and embracing the future.

Become purposefully adaptable.

Another nice trend is that students are becoming creative in the sharing of BFU.  Students are creating widgets, copying our logo onto their social media pages, and throwing around ideas and links in places I would never visit.

Please continue.

Bastiat Free University belongs to its users, your efforts are rightly beyond my control - use that freedom as you will.  Consider this quarterly review your permission.

Am I encouraging the white hat hacking of BFU? Of course.

I've started a novel about sovereign hackers. You might be surprised at what I consider ethical hacking. The Prologue of Complicit Simplicity is available for your preview and review; along with a synopsis of the first several chapters. Hackers are certainly capable of positively influencing our future - for today let's let them influence BFU.

In short, the next decade will bring massive change.  Our shared future will reward the adaptable and prepared mind.

Your mind.


Allan Wallace, Rector
Bastiat Free University