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Bastiat Free University


The Future In One Lesson
Pubblicato il : 2007-01-26 03:15:51
There will be more about your Bastiat Free University further on in this quarterly news letter, lets take a look at the future first.

Before we get to more picturesque descriptions lets lay some ground work on where we seem to be now.   The first epoch of man was based in minerals, stone age, bronze,  iron. If we can accept that we can view the second epoch as one of mechanical advantage which has lasted from Greek engineering, with some breaks, right up to our current industrial age. What we call the information age seems to be the final enhancements of the industrial foolscap; we are applying the speed of information technologies to enhance  mechanical advantage. The next epoch is almost upon us, but we have not yet broached it's realities.

Picture the current epoch as as an orchard. We have garnered most of the fruit and are now climbing to the tops of the trees looking to discover what else may be offered.  Above the canopy we can see knowledge gained for great distances in any direction; fruit trees that have other seekers topped out finding hidden treasures with new tools. Almost a crossroads, we can look forward, right left and backward and see industry applied with knowledge in the orchard - which direction is now appropriate?

Looking up we see a mist. There appear to be some irregularities in the low clouds and straining we can see what may be roots, and perhaps the shape of an unknown fruit - perhaps. We will not be able to just jump up to this new epoch, we are the Archimedes to lead us into a new era that will open up the new orchard with all that wonderful fruit. Some of the fruit will reorganize society, some will create new methods of relating in business and education. It is there - we must find a way to bridge the gap.  If you think on what may come you will discover new ideas, new insights beyond our current reasoning.

Now we come to BFU.

This University has been a special project of my son and I. He is now about to launch himself on a sailing journey around the world, traveling as the wind leads. I have retired from my work-a-day world and have the time to pursue many interests - too many. I almost killed myself at retirement diving full time into many previous part time pursuits - I am forced to learn pacing. Bastiat Free University is now large enough, with enough parts, that the efforts I apply bring little growth to the whole.

In fact the university now needs skills applied that are beyond me. As finances allow I will hire competent professionals to round out the minimalist structure you have come to know. Next summer a computer savvy educationalists that will augment and improve the courses - someone good with the details that I so easily overlook. I will continue to do what I can - updates, expansions, corrections and improvements - but the rate of institutional growth will probably slow. I may even write a book " The Future In One Lesson" on coming changes.

There are many books that can help you see what is coming: Toffler's Third Wave, Davidson and Rees-Moog's The Sovereign Individual, Angell's New Barbarian Manifesto, and even Rand's popular Atlas Shrugged. All of these are in some way intimidating to many readers.  A short introductory book on the future that easily and quickly covers the basics should have great value.

What I sense BFU needs most this year is not incremental change - but preparation for a very different future.

In some ways 2007 will be a sabbatical for me. In other ways it is a year to decide the future direction of BFU. I can see some of the fruit of the new epoch, I know a couple of businesses that will be necessary to help direct the growth that is to come. What I have not yet discovered is the best shape for education to serve those of you that will build our future. That is where my dreaming and planning will be focused.

BFU will survive, it will continue to grow and change. What will not happen is for us to easily accept our current structure as complete and just fill in the missing pieces. We will look forward - we will be here to help you.

"BFU is not being built to distribute information - it already exists as a catalyst for pursuing understanding."

Best to you all,

Allan Wallace