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Bastiat Free University

Course Homework

BFU is not a standard school by any measure, it probably never will be. Do not expect us to compete with other schools, that is not our intent.

Bastiat Free University is focused on self-directed learning; it is established to assist those that want to gain wisdom and understanding outside of an industrial age school structure.

In terms of your homework, it serves several purposes. It reinforces what you have read, it shows us you understand the material, and it adds material we will use in future versions of the course.

For the first 100 or so students through each course, they will be creating the questions that will constitute tests for those that follow. Treat the homework as if you are a teacher's assistant, for in effect that is what you are.

At the end of each chapter in the materials consider what is the most important knowledge you have gained. Now create a test question that probes others understanding of the material. Make it a multiple choice question, not tricky, but with several plausible answers, one of which is correct.

Submit the proper answer key also, that may help keep us from error.

These questions will be used to judge your progess, and will be used in future classes as end of chapter tests. If there are more questions requested than chapters and articles combined, finish with general questions about the course.

These questions and your final essay will be used to assign grades. As BFU improves we will be changing servers and upgrading software. Some materials in the forums and classes may be lost. Save your homework on your system and turn it in at the end of the course.

If you have questions please ask. Most will not post their questions about, and problems with, the school; you can help us make Bastiat Free University better.