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Bastiat Free University

Help Us - Help You

Our goal is to serve self-directed visionary students.

We are a long way from doing that as well as can be done.

You will notice the "How To Take A Class' page above this one - that was a response to an e-mail from a frustrated student.  There were probably several students that left BFU over the same frustration - and never let us know. It will be better when we can figure out a simpler class structure, but in the meantime providing instructions was required.

Our resources are very limited - but our goals are student directed.   BFU is evolving as quickly as we can address our short comings, but we need your help.

If you have an idea on a new class, if you are encountering problems accessing any feature, in fact if you have any feed back at all, please let us know.

We have no plans to build a library, the Internet provides that. We do not intend to become accredited - we would have to take the free out of Bastiat Free University to do that. We will not conform to others visions of what a university should be.

What we will continue to do is strive to provide college level learning. Our target students are those that desire to prepare for a world that is already far different than standard formal education acknowledges.

  • We will make mistakes - please point them out.

  • Some of our systems will fail - please report problems encountered quickly.

  • We will miss opportunities to serve our students - please share your ideas.


We no longer offer student-directed degree courses - all resources at your Bastiat Free University are for now without charge. As we edit pages we will be removing references to low cost education. At some future time we may be satisfied with course quality and be able to review your class work. We intend to then once again offer certificates and diplomas.

If you choose to donate to support your college, or put in a couple of bucks of gas for enjoying the free ride, you will be hastening the day when needed staff can be hired and inexpensive college degrees are once again available.  At that time BFU should become self-sustaining. For now you are empowering BFU's current self-directed students, and helping to impact society in a positive way - thank you.
We will try not only to listen, but to understand.

After your experiences with the more formal industrial age education we can understand your doubts of our sincerity, we sometimes doubt ourselves.

We can leave this here:

If you want to direct your own education and take responsibility for your own learning - we want to help.

Help Us - Help You  by letting us know where we need to improve.


Bastiat Free University

P.S. You can also visit the BFU journal and post a comment, visit and contact the BFU Rector, or visit BFU's other site and donate to support your university.