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BFU - student directed learning for visionaries and entrepreneurs


How does Bastiat Free University

make a college education affordable ?

"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it." - Albert Einstein

Sorry folks, BFU is now only available without charge.
That means we no longer offer degrees or certificates.
study these open materials for free and enjoy them

Watch the BFU Journal and the BFU lens for further announcements


If you are wondering how we keep learning so inexpensive, here are two reasons. First we keep the overhead low, second we are closer to a libertarian school than a government approved institution. The difference? Both have order, ours is by agreement, most Universities are by coercion. Your choice is deciding if you want to deal with us, what classes you feel are significant to you, and how long you want to take. We work together to reach our own exclusive goals.

Your goal may be a quality, affordable, self directed, distance learning experience. Our goal is to provide exactly that - for you.

We of course reserve the right to refund the money on any course you are in, say you are an annoyance, and send you packing. We would have to charge everyone more money to baby sit trouble makers, and we won't do it. But Hey; you can still learn here for free, anyone is welcome to access all of our class reading materials, no e-learning loan required.

Rediscover the pleasures of self directed learning.

There is a correlation in the minds of many with the history of an institution and it's quality. Other factors that academics site are the quality of the instructors, the depth of challenging course work, and the success of the graduates. There is no doubt that a rigorous one on one mentorship, or a very small class structure with a great deal of give and take is optimal. At a prime Ivy league college you will have a great history, a huge beautiful campus, renowned professors, some small classes, and many successful graduates. This is one viable route to your diploma; if you can qualify and afford it.

The BFU route is one without a physical campus. The course work is both deep and challenging; and many with little formal education have succeeded by studying the works you will read. At Ivy League Schools they very seldom give a 'C' grade, and all graduates I've encountered seem to be at the 'B' or above level. I think it was the Wall Street Journal that noted the grade inflation for Harvard MBAs a year or two ago. If you do the work at BFU, expect a grade reflecting that effort.

Our 'professors' are the authors of the material you read; some of these professors have been dead for centuries. No university can overmatch the luminaries of our historical bibliographical elite. As an added bonus our professors are in every class. As you read it is their distilled wisdom you absorb. At an Ivy league school most students are successful before they enter, or they will have success given to them when they graduate. The success they display may be due more to working in grandfather's business than their Ivy League diploma.

I was once offered an MBA for "experienced leaders" by a highly respected b&m university. As my college entrance counselor told me, I would have to show up for the once monthly classes, meeting and networking with other successful entrepreneurs. A paper would be required for each meeting; but, he assured me, "everyone has their secretary write up the papers." They wanted to point out successful graduates to the normal, high paying, people seeking an education. That is a lot easier if their examples are successful before they enter. I declined entrance, and have not regretted my decision.

At Bastiat Free University you will be as successful as your study and your dedication will allow, it is up to you. Rediscover the pleasure of self directed learning


A large brick and mortar government approved university will be commercial, but it will sneak up on you, $500.00+ per unit, a three unit course, and once you sign up you discover you "need" textbooks written by the professor, at $150.00+ each. There will of course be several required large fees, per semester. Then you discover there is a huge amount of political content alongside the commercial, and you paid for that also. We do not have beautiful buildings, a huge well manicured campus, tenured professors that write expensive books while their grad. assistants teach their classes, or years of snobbish history. All we have is the knowledge of centuries available to whomsoever is willing to invest the time to learn.

Be warned -- most of our classes will reflect our appreciation of liberty and free markets, that is our political slant, no extra charge.

Honestly, the price quoted is an estimate based on a guess. We may have to adjust prices latter. We will make you this promise; if you start a degree program now, we will not raise your cost per unit for at least 2 years from your date of sign up, and we will lower the cost if possible. You are of course welcome to donate to the re-creation of college education if you wish - even if you don't want to be a Bastiat Free University student.

If you want to test the system, register at BFU for no charge, read all the texts and do all the class work. If you feel after all this that you still want to pursue a degree; pay and submit the course work as a fait accompli.

Most of the material at BFU will be free, or by normal university standards, almost free. Some of our course material will be openly commercial, we consider this a fair price to pay for excellent free material. BFU or associated organizations may profit from referrals, Amazon for instance pays us 5% or so if you buy something through our links. Feel comfortable using your local library or used book stores if you can save some money. We don't care what edition of the book you read, it's the knowledge that counts, not the credentials.


Are we a Diploma Mill? Some will say we are since we have no plans to be accredited by a government approved agency. I have degrees in Psychology and Business finance from a Government run and accredited college and a State University. They were mostly a waste of time. At the California State University, there were a few tough courses with meat. I would pay well to receive the type of education received in those few classes. Everything else was mostly wasted time. I was required to attend many wasteful classes to achieve the degree. Cost compared to learning was at a terrible ratio. I had one course where the (tenured) professor greeted the class on the first day and pronounced he would only show up about half the time; if he got to know who we were we would get an A, if not we would get a B. I got a B since I never went to another class. I spent the money, I got the grade. That University is accredited and highly respected. Accreditation checks the number of professors with doctorates on campus, but doesn't notice if they are writing books or sleeping while their teacher's assistants instruct the course. That California State University was a very expensive diploma mill, expensive in time, money, and lost opportunities.

Education at BFU is available for free. Start your own business, re-learn to love learning, and just keep gaining knowledge.

Become a sovereign individual in the emerging netcohort society. Develop adaptability that will allow you to thrive in our changing world. As a renaissance person it is your time to explore new knowledge and challenges.


Welcome to Bastiat Free University, welcome home.


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